Our Story
Meet Our Founder   🍫
HI, I'm Christina

The Founder of SuperMajor Snacks! I created SuperMajor because I felt there were limited vegan milk chocolate options on the market.

I love chocolate and admit to having a sweet tooth. I’m not entirely vegan, but I try to incorporate a more plant-based diet.

Image of our Founder Christina eating majorly yummy chocolate

Growing up, I never had acne or issues with my skin. When I was an adult in my 20s, I started having skin issues. I went to every dermatologist and they all gave the same information and recommended the same treatments.

Not one mentioned it might be due to dairy. I now realize dairy was the issue. I’m not lactose intolerant but always feel awful after consuming dairy products.

As I’m not a fan of dark chocolate (it’s accidentally vegan), I knew there must be more consumers looking for vegan milk chocolate options, that weren’t dark chocolate. SuperMajor was created so you can indulge in your favorite chocolate snacks, without experiencing the stomach pain, acne or guilt.

Our Philosophy

Made for Everyone
No-Guilt Indulgence
Better-for-you & the planet