Product FAQ's

Yes! All of our chocolate is vegan! It’s made with oats to achieve a milk chocolate taste, without the dairy!

Our chocolate does not contain any added sugar! It was very important for us to create a better-for-you option for your chocolate snacking! Our Original Bar is made with Allulose which is an all natural sweetener found in figs and maple syrup. What’s great about Allulose is it tastes exactly like sugar but without it! Our Salted Caramel Bar is made with Stevia and Organic Erythritol. There is 1g total sugar, but this is coming from the oat milk powder and not refined sugar.

Our Salted Caramel Bar has Fair Trade ingredients. As we grow, this it is our goal to use 100% fair trade cocoa. However, the majority of ingredients in our chocolate are organic.

Yes! Our products are peanut and tree-nut free. However, our factory does process other products that do contain peanuts, tree nuts and coconut, and dairy however the equipment is sanitized after and tested for allergens. Because of this, the product may contain traces of allergens. 

Yes! Our entire line of products will be Top 9 Allergen-Friendly! Our manufacturer is a soy-free facility but it should be noted that dairy, nuts, coconut, and gluten are processed on the same equipment. Because of this, the product may contain traces of allergens. However, the equipment is sanitized and tested for allergens after each use. Please contact us if if you have concerns with consuming our products.

Our chocolate bars do not contain dairy, however all of our products are produced on shared equipment that also processes dairy products. The equipment is sanitized between uses, however there is a possibility of trace amounts of allergens on our equipment. Please contact us if if you have concerns with consuming our products.

We try to make sure your chocolate arrives in perfect condition. However, due to external factors, the chocolate might experience what’s called “chocolate bloom”.

This happens when the chocolate experiences temperature or humidity fluctuations. Allulose can crystallize on the surface of the chocolate causing the discolouration. We assure you, it isn’t expired and it is safe to eat. If you are unhappy with your chocolate, please contact us so we can help with the situation.

Yes! Even though we don't use dairy, added sugar, gluten, soy or any other top allergen, they do taste amazing! Oat milk makes our chocolate "m!lky" smooth and our all natural sugar substitutes add enough sweetness without the negative effects of added sugar. Check out our reviews!

Shipping & Returns

In the winter or when shipping to colder weather locations, there is a 24 hr processing period from the time an order is placed until the time it is shipped.

In the summer, or when shipping to hot weather locations, orders placed by Wednesday 8am EST will ship that week. For orders placed Thursday or Friday, they will ship the following Monday. We do this to protect your chocolate from sitting in our shipping partners warehouse over the weekend. In warm-weather season, we ship with cold packs and insulated packaging.

We ship to addresses in all 50 states. We do not currently ship to P.O. box addresses or addresses outside of the United States.

We do not accept returns of chocolate due to the nature of the product. If your order was damaged or you received an incorrect item, please reach out to hello@supermajorsnacks.com as soon as possible so we can help solve your issue. We believe in a 100% satisfaction guarantee so please reach out.


For all wholesale inquiries, please contact christina@supermajorsnacks.com