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5 Reasons Why This Dairy-Free Chocolate Is Your New Guilt Free Treat 🍫

1. Milk Chocolate Without the Dairy

Feel good knowing you can eat m!lk chocolate without it hurting your stomach because of the dairy! SuperMajor uses oat milk because it won't hurt your stomach, it's one of the most sustainable plant-based milks and still tastes great!

Sustainability, taste and creaminess make it a product you can feel good about.

2. High Quality Ingredients That Make Indulgence Guilt-Free

Big chocolate corporations are not putting high quality ingredients in their products. SuperMajor is intentional with what's going in your body. Made with:
top quality non-gmo and organic ingredients
➡ allergen friendly: no dairy, no gluten and no soy
➡ no sugar added but oh so delicious! We use all natural allulose instead!

Say good-bye to dairy-filled chocolate that's packed full of sugar and hello to m!lk chocolate with no added sugar!

3. A Secret Chocolate Stash That Will Last For Months

No more late night drives to the convenience store to cure your chocolate craving, especially with gas prices at all time highs. SuperMajor comes in at $1.30 per half serving and it's delivered right to your door for FREE.

4. We Are Better For The Environment
(and you!)

Know you're making a difference, one bite at a time! SuperMajor is committed to sustainability. We are on a mission remove dairy from your favorite chocolate snacks, contributing to a reduction in C02 emissions from making the switch to a non-dairy product.

(We also use a compostable film that will biodegrade in 12-16 weeks).

5. Our Customers & Our Community Love Us

We take feedback to another level in developing the best tasting products. SuperMajor has a product feedback community of 650+ individuals that taste test our chocolate before we launch a new product to you. This means you always get the best tasting chocolate.
Every. Single. Time.

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